About Me ~ Bio

DSC_0491 finalWho am I? I feel like a cat who has lived nine lives.  When people look at my life’s journey and my professional resume, they don’t always believe I am not embellishing the facts….but truly I am not.

I was born and raised in Windsor, Connecticut, although I currently reside in Chatsworth, California.  I have spent over thirty years working full-time in the corporate insurance industry, but am now focused on my personal passions outlined on this website, which are what feed my soul.

I became interested in the performing arts at the age of 16 when I witnessed my first Broadway show. For the next 15 years I performed on stage with a variety of community and regional theater companies.  In 1992 my interest in the craft took a more serious turn and I studied with some of the best teachers in Manhattan.  I pursued a full-time professional acting career in New York for two years until the untimely events of my second marriage brought that career to a screeching halt.  Although life got in the way of my dreams, that experience was also one of my greatest teachers.  It was no accident that in 2005 my passion for the performing arts was re-ignited through my participation in a documentary film.   I have come to learn that film, television, and theater have always been my first loves, and it will remain that way until I die.

At the age of 28 I experienced a “spiritual awakening”.  As a result of that awakening, combined with an extremely painful loss shortly thereafter, I was catapulted into an intense spiritual journey for the next 10 years of my life.  During this time I studied with a variety of spiritual teachers, however there was one in particular that not only changed my life as a whole, but who also encouraged me to teach others everything he had taught me about spiritual growth, and more importantly, self-empowerment.  His last words to me were “Go forth into the world and teach it as if it were your own.”

A part of me was not totally comfortable teaching others without any formal credentials or education so that is when I began my academic journey to obtain my degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University Of Massachusetts.  In addition, I was ordained as a minister and certified as a pastoral counselor at the Center For Life Mastery Church in Torrington, Connecticut.  Several years later I opened a small church of my own and re-invented myself as an interfaith minister in service to mankind.  The First Church Of Diversity & Empowerment was created to help others to re-think traditional religion and all of its dogmatic limitations to a more global approach to spiritual understanding.

Church Logo

Unity In Diversity

In 2004 I closed the church to fulfill a lifelong dream of relocating from the east coast to California.  As an actor my goal is to entertain and enlighten.  As a writer and life coach, my goal is to bring others to the same level of spiritual awareness, wisdom, and life mastery that I myself have achieved.



Namaste…………….. Reverend Mary